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Louisa Reddekopp

Phone Number: 306-349-9420
Facebook Page
Fire & Moon Soap Company
Rosthern, SK


Meet the Maker! My name is Louisa and I am a 52 year old artisan who loves making soap and other products for myself, and also to share with my family, friends and customers. I live in Rosthern, SK with my husband, I have 3 grown children, and two dogs Kyle & Chewy I am Tsimshian Indian from the West Coast, and every chance I get, I go back to the mountains to recharge my soul. I also lived in Alberta for about ten years so I still enjoy many friendships from there and have many customers I ship to regularly from there as well. I keep my products as natural as possible, simple and functional with out a lot of unnecessary additions. I do this because I too have dry, sensitive skin, and I use my products daily. That's a little about me, I hope to get to know you a little as well! Talk to you soon!

A fabulous soap! Specially formulated for my own sensitive and dry skin. All my bars have no colour added. They are Paraben and Pthalate free. The ingredients are always the same, only the scent changes! So if it works for your skin like it does mine, you never have to worry, because it's going to be a simple but beautiful, moisturizing olive oil soap every time! Please message if you'd like a description of any scent I have or to make a purchase! $9.00 each. Love a certain scent? You can order a batch made just for you! A batch is 10 bars and is ready in 4 -5 weeks. Message me for details! I also have some previous season soaps kicking around if you are looking for a scent you bought previously, so don't hesitate to ask me!

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