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About Us

Is the Rosthern Farmer's Market part of a co-operative?
Yes. We are a member of the Saskatchewan Farmer's Market Co-op Ltd. 

How many members does the market have?
We currently have 15 members. 

What does your market sell?
Our members sell a variety items including woodwork, vegetables, canning, needlework and much more.

How much is membership?
Membership with our market is $35 for the year. This includes vendor insurance of $25 and the $10 membership fee. 

How much are tables?
Vendor space is $10 a table. Tables are provided. Extra tables provided by the market are $2 a table and available only if there are extras. First table of the outdoor market is free.

How long does the market run?
Our outdoor market runs every Friday from May long weekend until the Friday before Thanksgiving in October. Outdoor market hours are from 12:00 until 4:00pm. We also have indoor seasonal market events which include Christmas and Easter. 

What else does my membership include?
Market members have access to promoting their items across our various platforms including our Facebook Page, Instagram & Youtube. Members are also welcome to advertise their goods in our Facebook Group.  
Lastly, our vendors have their information & products listed on our website.

Am I required to be there every Friday?
No. We comprehend that circumstances exist or may arise which may make it difficult to attend every Friday. We ask that if you are not able to make those particular Fridays to contact the organizers or member of the market so we know you are not coming. If you do not come that Friday, you do not pay. 

Contact Us for more information or if you would like to become a member of our market!

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