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Our Members

Grant Currie

Sask Muscle Check
Facebook Page 
Phone Number: 306-914-2308


Martensville, SK

Janice Dueck
Vegetables & Flowers
Phone Number: 306-232-5066

Rosthern, SK

Grace & Bethany Heatwole
Home Made Baking, Salsa & Noodles
Uncle John’s Jams
Phone Number: 306-221-1374
Rosthern, SK

Donna Boehm
On Whimsical Wings
Facebook Page
Sewing, Plants, Crafts
Phone Number: 306-291-9373


Bellevue, SK

Joan Claassen
The Bag Ladies
Facebook Page
Phone Number: 306-232-4737

Rosthern, SK

Lena Hamm
Baking, Vegetables, Crafts
Phone Number: 306-225-4471

Hague, SK

Elaine Parsons
Knitting & Books
Phone Number: 306-232-4454
Rosthern, SK

Samantha Buller-Kormos
Phone Number: 306-261-5071
That Needlework Tho
Knikki Knacks
Koslowski Honey
Needlework, Vegetables, Honey , Jams & Jellies, Thrift
Rosthern, SK

Stacy Kneeland-Rogers

Pampered Chef
Website Here

Phone Number: 306-262-4929

Saskatoon, SK

Dave & Della Harder
DaveDel Crafts
Facebook Page
Woodwork & Weaving
Phone Number: 306-242-0431


Saskatoon, SK

Ed Holst

Website Here
Phone Number: 306-221-2420

Saskatoon, SK

Velma Gamble-Bannerman
Velma & Al's Baking and Crafts
Baking, Beading, Sewing
Phone Number: 306-941-0626
Phone Number: 306-930-4391

Duck Lake, SK

Louisa Reddekopp
Fire and Moon Soap
Instagram Page
Facebook Page
Bath & Body Products
Phone Number: 306-349-9420


Rosthern, SK

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